Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I was gone for such a long time, but now I am here... So let's get started!

Recently I watched a Vlog by the Fowler sisters, Blair and Elle and they were talking about a cool website they found out about; Let me (and them...) introduce you to the greatest thing... ever! BOUTIQUES.COM

This website let's you create a "boutique",name it and visit other people's boutiques! (psst: even celebrities have one!)
As great as this may sound, the website also calculates your style; by first giving you a fun "which do you like better" picture type questionnaire, and then, you get to choose from your favorite dress colors, to your preferred heal height!

On Boutiques.com...
Me: Shoelover4e
Blair (a.k.a. JuicyStar07): Blair Fowler
Elle (a.k.a. Allthatglitters21): Elle Fowler

Also, don't forget to check out their awesome Youtube channels.
I wish you all a great time on this wonderful website, and Hopefully I'll be updating posts on here a lot more often.

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DISCLAMER: I am not paid for doing this blog post.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visa Gift Cards!!!

I know I took a long break from fashion-blogging...
I've discovered the best thing ever!!! Visa Gift Cards are sold from $25 to $500 dollars I think. I'm so happy and totally looking forward at shopping Online! :)

DISCLAMER: I am not paid for doing this blog post.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

JuicyStar07 and DulceCandy87 Fan. Subscribe to them, I did! - BLOG POST

I am so addicted to following juicystar07 (www.blairfowler.com) and dulcecandy87 (www.dulcecandy.com) on youtube, twitter and their blog, they are amazing beauty gurus. DulceCandy87 (www.youtube.com/dulcecandy87) is more my haul guru, I love watching her almost weekly hauls, love her style and her blogs too. When juicystar07 is more my Vlog guru because she is just so funny and totally as amazing talent in makeup.
Here are their lastest video uploads:
DulceCandy87 (Drugstore haul) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=audAOZNDd4Q
JuicyStar07 (Update your wardrobe) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJkrJhqIK3g

*** They also have a vloging channel on youtube, youtube.com/otherjuicystaro7 (juicystar07) and youtube.com/dulcecandytv (dulcecandy87).

DISCLAMER: I am not paid for doing this blog post.

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Summer Clothing Haul!

Hey everyone! I'm finaly here with a haul! Yes! So I went shopping a week ago and got a couple of tank tops for the summer and a pair of black bermudas just yesterday. Here's what I got.

First I got this crochet racer-back tank top from express, I couldn't find the pic online so I just put up a similar one. Mine is black and as a v-neck line. I like it very much because of it's detail in the back, it makes that basic tank become much more interesting.

*** The top featured in the image comes from aerie. http://www.polyvore.com/womens_aerie_crochet_racerback_tank/thing?id=16402271

 Next I got this AERIE basic everyday shelf tank in gray. It's soft, simple and perfect for layering (as said by aerie.com) It as a hidden shelf bra, skinny adjustable straps and the softest stretchy fabric (6% spandex) As cheap as it is, this caught my eye. I'll be getting one in every color.

Oh, and by the way:
When I bought this top... it smelled so good. I don't know if the person that tried it just before me had amazing perfume on or something, but it smelled amazing. Like, you can't imagine.

So this is my first time buying at Joe, well actually, no. I got some extra cute shoes over the past months... Well, clothing-wise yes! I love these fresh looking capris/bermudas. They cut right at the knees and are just wonderfull. With there elastic waist they feel just like sweatpants but look 10X better.
They also have them in gray, kaki, beige, white, brown (I think), but I got them in black. :) www.joe.ca

*** I'm probably going back to get them in every color! ***

I wasn't able to find a top similar to the one I got from old navy, but... it's the same shape! Loose fitting tank/tunic. Mine is in pink and has polka dots on the neckline and 3 little buttons (kinda Henley looking). It looks great with shorts or just a pair of leggings. :)

*** www.oldnavy.com ***

My final item is this bubble/banded bottom/loose fitting tank that doesn't even look like this, because I wanted to find a pic so much that I just took the first one to have a hint of resemblance. So that's about it. Fun and simple.

Mine is from old navy.

*** www.oldnavy.com

So thats the end of my haul! Hope you all enjoyed! If you have any request comment below. Don't forget to comment, follow and subscribe.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to : Applying Liquid Eye Liner (Optional - Winged)

1. Dip the tip of your wand into the bottle.
2. Take the wand and put in horizontaly onto your lash line. (If your a beginner, your can rest your elbows on a table for more support and precision during the process.)
3. Draw a thin line with the wand, make sure you dont blink because if you do it will all mess up. (To avoid that; divide your line into little parts [small strokes] so you have time to blink in between.) You can line the inner lash line close to the tear duct if you want. That will make your eyes look bigger.
4. When you are done with the line you can just leave it like that or wing it up***

OPTIONAL - Winged Liquid Eye Liner
*** 5. Draw a line from the end of your lash line (the end of the natural liquid eye liner line)to the height you want the wing to be.
6. Round up the wing with the natural line (As seen on the image) It will make the end thicker, witch makes a thicker lash effect!

- ShoeLover4E

How to : Applying mascara (The right way)

Hi everyone so I'm back from a short break of blogging, but with a special blog post. I know a lot of people are thinking right now "I know how to put mascara on but my lashes wont curl or will just pack up chunks" well I'm here to give you a complete how to, as to applying mascara as-well as tips.

1. Take your mascara wand and dip it into the tube make sure to pull out the wand in a twisting motion. (If you remove it too fast it will suck air into your bottle causing the product to dry faster.)
2. Put the wand at the roots of your lashes make sure to grab all the lashes in it. (People tend to forget those tiny innner lashes, making your eyes look smaller.)
3. Wiggle the wand trough your lashes slowly and finish the process by blinking near the end of your lash tips (this will make them appear naturally curled)
4. Apply more coats if desired using the same process.
5. For your final coat take the mascara wand and dip it into the tube, rest the wand at the begenning of your lash roots and push up lightly on your lashes (with the wand). Continue this process for about 2 minutes. You just got to make sure the mascara is dry before removing the wand. This will help rise/curl your lashes instead of them being straight.
6. Optional *** Take your eyelash comber or an old mascara wand (clean) and comb your lashes with it. This will help remove those unwanted clumps and separate your lashes.

Tips: After applying your mascara (or in between each coat) go trough with an eyelash comber or just an good old mascara wand that you cleaned up.
Keep your mascara wand in the position you want your lashes to obtain while applying the product, it will help those stubborn lashes curl!

 *** Disclaimer: I do not own any right to Maybelline New York Lash Stylist Mascara ***

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer is coming... ***Blog Post***

Hey everyone! So today I decided to do a small blog post about summer fashion. It's time to take out these destroyed denim shorts and rock that new romper you just bought! Summer is all about being cool and staying in fashion.
I know not everyone has their closet adjusted for summer 2010, but that's why I'm here. I'll be giving you my top five picks for this season!

1. Destroyed Denim shorts: They are a total must-haves because they give you the same look as distressed denim, but in a cooler more summery way!
2. Light weight cardiganfor these chilly nights around the bomb fire or just for hanging around the house. This is perfect for layering that is not too warm for these chillier summer days. 
3. Gladiator heals: This is a even more statement way of glamorizing the hot trend.
4. Bright tote: This gives a pop of color to every outfit + it is totally hot for summer. (I recommend bright pastel colors, such as a bright lilac purple!)
5. Cropped Leggings : This just makes your basic legging way more optional for summer.

I hope this blog post inspired you to refresh that closet of yours!
I'll be posting again soon! (hopefully it will be a haul!)