Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Perfect Messy Bun - Hair Tutorial

1. Gather your hair into a mid ponytail.
2. Make sure the ponytail is loose in order to obtain the wanted look.
3. Make a simple bun, and pull out about 4-5 hair strands out of it. (Each about an inch wide)
4. Take each strand one at a time and loop them into your rubber band. (This will make a flower effect to your bun) Don't make it too perfect, it's a messy bun.
5. Almost Done!...
Loosen the hair around your ponytail (at the top of your head and around the neck).
6. Add hairspray!

*** If wanted, you can add a headband to create the look on the side picture. ***

- ShoeLover4E


  1. Hiya! You should do a tutorial like... 5 clothing articles and 5 ways to style them, like mixing them up.

  2. can you make a video of this tutorial?