Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring-Summer 2010 - Must Haves

...From Rompers to nails polishes this is my MUST HAVES list for spring-summer 2010. Enjoy...

1. The little white dress: The little black dress is known for the basic in every ones closet but little white dress? That's something new and definitely something hot this summer.
2. Nude Pumps: Another hot trend coming up,total fashion statement! And definitely fashion forward.
3. Florals: Ah they are so wonderful! You can dress them up or dress them down, wear them as a dress or a skirt. There a so many alternatives to this new spring must have.
4. Pastels :  This trend got to it's best in spring 2010, from blues, to pinks, to yellows, these colour will make your head spin.
5. The Romper: This is basically shorts and a tanks all-in-one! It's that easy. Just slip it on before heading out to the beach and you'll be sure to make a huge fashion statement. (You can also accessorize it with another of my must haves... florals!) From, floral necklaces to flats, this romper will sure be your fabulous item for summer 2010.
6. Gladiators: This is probably the most wonderful thing invented since sliced bread. These strapy sandals can pull any outfit together!
7. Distressed Denim: This is something I'm sure every body as already seen out in the streets, but if you haven't let me introduce you into the world of denim-with-holes-on-the-knees. At first they seem very cheap looking, but if you can pull them off with a great polo or just a nice fitting top, these look fabulous. But just remember, you need the top part of your outfit fitted or else, it will just look trashy.
8. Headband worn across head:  This is a great look for anyone who is more to the bohemian style. It's just a normal headband (comes in plenty of designs [braids]) that you wear across your forehead. Great statement to pair with a long maxi dress and ... gladiators!
9. Large Tote: This is a total must have for every girl's wardrobe. What's the point of having a purse if you can't fit nothing in it! Well, this purse is just for you. You'll have plenty of place to store your fav. products such as hairspray and full size mirror!
10.  Statement Necklace:  From Owl necklaces to floral rows , statement necklaces can make those plain T and jeans  look fabulous. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow!.
11. Lace: This is just one of these wonderful details that will make anything greater. From Shirts to laced flats this must-haves is a good investment.
12. Studs: This detail gives any outfit an edgy look, while making a huge fashion statement.

And that's about it, hope you enjoyed my must have blog entry and don't forget to vote, comment and become a member!

- ShoeLover4E

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  1. I looove this list! Keep coming with more awsome pics! ;)