Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Violet Explosion - Makeup Tutorial

*** I made this look more (daytime) by eliminating the excess of eye shadows underneath the lower lash line. ***

1. Prime you eyelids with concealer.
2. Apply lilac colored eyeshadow on your entire eyelids.
3. Take a light cream eyeshadow, and use it to highlight your tear duct and brow bone.
4. Next take a dark brown/black eyeshadow and apply it into your crease. Smudge it with your eyeshadow brush to create a well made, even look.
5. Apply liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line, in a cat-eye line.
6. For the final touch, add 2 coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes and VOILA!

- ShoeLover4E

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