Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to : Applying Liquid Eye Liner (Optional - Winged)

1. Dip the tip of your wand into the bottle.
2. Take the wand and put in horizontaly onto your lash line. (If your a beginner, your can rest your elbows on a table for more support and precision during the process.)
3. Draw a thin line with the wand, make sure you dont blink because if you do it will all mess up. (To avoid that; divide your line into little parts [small strokes] so you have time to blink in between.) You can line the inner lash line close to the tear duct if you want. That will make your eyes look bigger.
4. When you are done with the line you can just leave it like that or wing it up***

OPTIONAL - Winged Liquid Eye Liner
*** 5. Draw a line from the end of your lash line (the end of the natural liquid eye liner line)to the height you want the wing to be.
6. Round up the wing with the natural line (As seen on the image) It will make the end thicker, witch makes a thicker lash effect!

- ShoeLover4E

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