Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer is coming... ***Blog Post***

Hey everyone! So today I decided to do a small blog post about summer fashion. It's time to take out these destroyed denim shorts and rock that new romper you just bought! Summer is all about being cool and staying in fashion.
I know not everyone has their closet adjusted for summer 2010, but that's why I'm here. I'll be giving you my top five picks for this season!

1. Destroyed Denim shorts: They are a total must-haves because they give you the same look as distressed denim, but in a cooler more summery way!
2. Light weight cardiganfor these chilly nights around the bomb fire or just for hanging around the house. This is perfect for layering that is not too warm for these chillier summer days. 
3. Gladiator heals: This is a even more statement way of glamorizing the hot trend.
4. Bright tote: This gives a pop of color to every outfit + it is totally hot for summer. (I recommend bright pastel colors, such as a bright lilac purple!)
5. Cropped Leggings : This just makes your basic legging way more optional for summer.

I hope this blog post inspired you to refresh that closet of yours!
I'll be posting again soon! (hopefully it will be a haul!)

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