Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I was gone for such a long time, but now I am here... So let's get started!

Recently I watched a Vlog by the Fowler sisters, Blair and Elle and they were talking about a cool website they found out about; Let me (and them...) introduce you to the greatest thing... ever! BOUTIQUES.COM

This website let's you create a "boutique",name it and visit other people's boutiques! (psst: even celebrities have one!)
As great as this may sound, the website also calculates your style; by first giving you a fun "which do you like better" picture type questionnaire, and then, you get to choose from your favorite dress colors, to your preferred heal height!

On Boutiques.com...
Me: Shoelover4e
Blair (a.k.a. JuicyStar07): Blair Fowler
Elle (a.k.a. Allthatglitters21): Elle Fowler

Also, don't forget to check out their awesome Youtube channels.
I wish you all a great time on this wonderful website, and Hopefully I'll be updating posts on here a lot more often.

(Insert waving here)

DISCLAMER: I am not paid for doing this blog post.